Care enough to not care.

Surrendering to the judgement of others is exactly what us artistes do when we show our art to the world. Some say they don't care, others cringe with any negative feedback, and some gather the criticism to use it as fuel for the next project. Me? I like reactions. As long as I get people to react no matter good or bad, it works for me. You hate it? Good, I like the fact that you hate my art work. I like that you have an emotion about me. Especially when they describe to me why they don't like my work.  I win no matter what, because you took the time to look at my work and react to it. O you love it..... man, you melt my heart with joy. I win. My favorite reaction is when they say "I don't get it" then I say. "Yea, me either". I make art do make it, I have a need to create it, to make something out of nothing, and in a way to be unpredictable when doing it.

My advise to you, one artist to another is care enough to not care.