I teamed up with Untitled Art to put my art on cans. The paintings are paired with the delicious beer or seltzers. Mmmmm, find them at a liquor store near you.

Beer label: Untitled Art @untitledartbev

Photo Credit: Nikki Hansen @nicolehansenphotos


Dr. Hook

I wouldn't put this painting anywhere near the fireplace. It would look better in the hallway.


If you're from the 80's then this is for you. If you're from the 90's then try something else.

Clocking Blue

This painting would look great in your bathroom. Something nice to look at for the fellas.


I was sitting at a bonfire thinking that COVID wasn't going to last long.

My Wind Shield Wipers

No it doesn't belong in the car, put in the dining room.

Standing Still

Run away as fast as you can.

Blurred Lines

Sometimes you have to tell your self "It's legal in Mexico" over and over again.

Trippy Dip

It doesn't matter how many times you dip it. When I dip, you dip, we dip.

Boots and Apples

Who cares what you like. Just own it.

Eye My Eye

Be thankful you have two eyes, some people only have one.

Deep Blue Me

Water comes in all colors. You never know the true color of things until your up close and personal.

Melting Kanye

When I listen to his music, I can't control my face.